Click and Collect, what is it about?

Logo of Click and Collect, dark green with a mouse in the middle and the text Click and Collect around it.
Image of Click and Collect. Photograph : Leo Reynolds/Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

You may have heard the terms Click and Collect before, but do you know what it actually means? The Lens set out today to find out.

Click and Collect is a method of delivery that allows customers to order items such as food, clothing items, books, and household stuff to come pick up at the store instead of buying it directly in the shop.

It can be useful for workers who are very busy during the day, people who work long hours, people with disabilities, and parents with children who do not have time to buy what they need.

Meredith Grace, who uses this service, says it is convenient for her as most of the shops she orders from are near to where she works and studies. Meredith also says the service is sometimes cheaper than delivery, which is beneficial to her when the items are small enough to get to as it saves her some money.

The Lens also spoke to supermarket employee Katie Lawrence, whose duty is to ensure a reduction of footfall within the store to protect her colleagues and the customers during the current pandemic. She makes sure that the customers who don’t feel safe coming into the store still have the same quality food as they would have if they had come in themselves.

“With COVID-19, this method certainly helped to keep me safe.” says another user of Click and Collect, Rae Radford, whom the Lens interviewed today.

With the Coronavirus on the loose, it has become crucial for businesses to operate despite governmental restrictions.Click and Collect therefore seems like a safe method for delivery.

“I think it’s a great idea, especially now. It takes the pressure off delivery drivers and leaves them available for large orders or longer distances!” says Meredith Grey.

Katie Lawrence says the supermarket she works at saw a 40-point increase in the use of Click and Collect, from 30 % of the revenue before the pandemic to 70 % today.

This method of delivery may have a future in our societies as people’s consumer habits change.

Two images of Click and Collect. Photograph: Anna Schuurmans

Author: Anna Schuurmans

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