International students in Dutch cities use cycling delivery work as a way of keeping active.

International students in Dutch cities are using their cycling delivery jobs as a way of keeping active during the national lockdown.

Delivery work for companies such as Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats are in abundance in city centres across the Netherlands thanks to a high concentration of restaurants and cafes, which under covid-19 restrictions can offer a take-away service only. 

International students, who often don’t have the financial support offered to Dutch students, are looking to cycling delivery jobs to provide easily accessible employment, with no experience or Dutch language skills necessary, and sometimes no work permit required – meaning all they need is a bike. 

But the appeal of the job to many, is the fact that you are active whilst working, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic , when nearly all university study is now conducted from home.

Charlie Peters, a 23 year old Master’s student from the UK, who is studying at the University of Leiden, started working for Thuisbezord after a fellow international student from Argentina recommended him the job.

“It was really easy to get the job, but what’s great is I listen to podcasts and lectures for my course, so is a way of doing revision as well as being active and earning some money.” Peters said. “It kills a few birds with one stone.”

Mahdi Mezghani, a pre-masters student from Tunisia works for Uber Eats in Groningen, said “it was very easy to get the job, I just sent the correct documents and was ready to go.”

“Its flexible and it keeps me active, especially at the moment when all the gyms are shut, I can do some exercise and earn some money on the side”, said the 22 year old. 

Orestis Agathangelou, a Cypriot studying International and European Law student at the University of Groningen, also got recommended the job by another International student. “The main reason I got the job was money, its good pay” he said, “but a big appeal was the fact that it is an active job, I like working outside.”

Under current guidelines that are to remain in place until the 2nd of March, indoor sports are banned and all businesses in the fitness industry must remain closed, whilst outdoor sports are restricted. 

Check the full restrictions on sport through the government website here, 

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