81 infections in nursing home in Luxembourg-City: Vaccinations are put on hold

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

There have been 81 Corona infections at the ‘Ste. Elisabeth am Park’ nursing home in Luxembourg-City since mid-January, of which 8 have passed away since. Troubling news considering Luxembourg just lifted the majority of their lockdown restrictions on 10 January. 

The nursing home is now waiting for the vaccinations, which had to be postponed due to the infections. Launched at the end of December, vaccination is now one of the main approaches being explored in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

In a press release, the management of the Ste Elisabeth nursing home announced that “once the situation has eased, the necessary procedures will be put in place as soon as possible to vaccinate residents and staff.” Residents and employees diagnosed with the coronavirus however will have to wait for another six months before getting their vaccination. 

Luxembourg is currently in the first phase of their vaccination strategy. Health and care sector staff received the first vaccinations at the end of December while the nursing homes started getting their vaccinations 6 January. 

Minister of Family Corinne Cahen told in an interview with RTL that the situation is under control. 

Henriette van Marum, who also works in a nursing home in Vianden, heard about the shocking news: “We have been very lucky so far, except for 10 cases among our employees, it’s a miracle no resident has gotten the virus yet. We worked hard and are proud of what we achieved during these hard times”, she says to The Lens.

“As of 29 January almost everyone in our nursing home has been vaccinated,” van Marum adds. She was one of the first to receive her own vaccination on 30 December 2020 and in her nursing home 93 out of 99 residents are now vaccinated. 

The fact that no one got sick may also be due to the location of the nursing home in Vianden. It is relatively remote and surrounded by forest and nature. Van Marum thinks that the location of the Ste. Elisabeth nursing home in the middle of Luxembourg-City may have led to residents becoming ill. At this point it is still unclear from where the virus came. 

While Luxembourg, like every other EU member, is struggling with a shortage of the vaccination, van Marum is positive about the strategy and execution: “We are happy that everything is organized so well. This means that we can go back to our daily lives at work soon, including day trips and visits from the residents’ families, something they really miss.” 

The Lens contacted the Ste Elisabeth nursing home for a statement and has not received an answer before publication. 

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