Groningen restaurant helps people to find work and a purpose in life

Image of the outside of Eeterie De Globe in Groningen, The Netherlands. Red Bricks, large green windows and a delicious smell from the inside.
The exterior of the restaurant. Photograph: Anna Schuurmans
An interview with Janni Mulder and Benjamin van der Zee. Video credits; Anna Schuurmans

Eeterie de Globe, an establishment serving food in the city of Groningen, offers people with difficulties in life as well as people with special needs a chance to work in the restaurant as well as an opportunity to share their experience with others, and find their way back onto the labor market.

The restaurant is located behind the A-Kerk, in the middle of Groningen, and serves international cuisine thanks to its diverse volunteers. If you pass in front of the shop, or you order online, you can see the menu available for the day.

The Lens spoke to Janny Mulder, who has been working there for 26 years. She said the eatery shared their space with Humanitas, a non-profit organization supporting people who for various reasons cannot presently support themselves.

Janny said that the people who work at the restaurant were generally from the bottom of society and/or people who can sometimes be lonely. She said they were very happy to be in the restaurant, it helped them feel useful and part of something: “The guests who come to eat here are also people who are standing alone and they sit together here [at the restaurant] to eat as a group.”

The interior of Eeterie De Globe. GIF: Anna Schuurmans

“I think it’s a very nice workplace, different people come here, one may be a little autistic and the other has ADHD, but as a group we get along very well and I find that special.” said Benjamin van der Zee, a volunteer who started working at Eeterie De Globe about one-and-a-half year ago. He came from far away to build a future he said, after mentioning a period of addiction issues.

His ultimate objective is to become a cook in life. The Lens wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors and hopes to hear of the success of the Eeterie De Globe for many years to come.

(Writing by Anna Schuurmans; Reporting by Annelies Romers; Technical production by Robert Smid; Editing by Kian Seara Rey)

Author: Anna Schuurmans

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