Cultural festival Stukafest will take place, despite Corona measures

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

Despite the restrictive consequences of the Corona measures, the traditional student room festival Stukafest will take place coming Friday. Taking the measures into consideration, the festival will be streamed online.

Stukafest is a cultural festival of which the acts normally take place in student rooms. Visitors hop from student room to student room all over the city to see the different acts.

“Students don’t necessarily come into contact with culture a lot, so by bringing culture to the student room itself we hope to make it accessible,” says Maarten Boonstra, chair of the board of Stukafest Groningen. “And that’s what we’ve tried to do this time as well, with the stream.”

What Stukafest looked like in 2020.

This year’s edition of Stukafest will provide visitors with access to Stukafest TV, an online stream with multiple channels. Visitors will be able to switch between channels to see different acts.

Since it wasn’t safe to film the acts in actual student rooms considering the Corona measures, the acts from Groningen were filmed in the cultural student centre. Still, the board did everything they could to give the stream the student vibe that’s typical for Stukafest.

Jules van de Loo, coordinator of the Stukafest TV stream in Groningen, explains how they took almost all the furniture out of the student room of one of the board members and brought it to the filming location: “it was really funny, we had crammed shopping carts full with stuff to simulate a living room.”

Despite the fact that a lot of people might not get excited by the idea of another online stream, Boonstra is optimistic.

“I think quite a few people think, I am a bit done with online streams like that. But the upside is that you aren’t tied to one location anymore. You can now watch everything from home,” says Boonstra.

Author: Robin van Gammeren


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