Porto manager Sérgio Conceição lashes out: “We were cheated today, we were robbed”

“We are disgusted”, said Conceição about the decision to appoint Fabio Verissimo as match referee. Photo by Ojogo.

Porto manager Sérgio Conceição severely criticized the state of the Belenenses pitch and Verissimo’s decision not to give Porto a penalty for Nanu’s horrific collision with opposition goalkeeper Kritsyuk, after last night’s Belenenses – Porto match.

“I don’t know how they have matches with this quality of pitch. And then there’s the possibility of more injuries. It’s incredible!”, said the former right winger and current manager of FC Porto in his post-match flash interview.

“And this is a penalty everywhere! Is it involuntary? Well, who gives away a penalty voluntarily? We were cheated today, we were robbed”, went on Conceição, referring to the horrific crash with the Belenenses goalkeeper which left Nanu unconscious and the shocked Dragons in tears, as medics rushed to the scene.

Nanu lying unconscious, moments after the collision with Kritsyuk. Photo by Bangkok Post.

Conceição received a yellow card for complaining to the referee, and the match ended in a 0 – 0 draw after an added 18 minutes.

Belenenses dropped into the 12th place and Porto remained second, three points behind Sporting Lisbon in the Primeira Liga.

Read more about Nanu’s horrific collision with Kritsyuk here.

Author: Sofia Manouki

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